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Flutter those eyelashes

Boost your lashes and your confidence.

Is it too early to think about Valentine’s Day? Er, if I’m honest, after 15 years of marriage I usually give VD about a nanosecond’s thought. But, hey, this year I’m feeling it. Why? Because I’ve just had my lashes done and they’ve made me come over all Mills & Boon – I now get how those heroines can fan their cheeks with their eyelashes, and it feels great! The lovely Debbie of Lash Junkie is the woman I have to thank for this newfound flush of romance. Having only ever dabbled (disastrously) in off-the-peg falsies before, I now realise this is a job for the professionals and Debbie is a real pro.

I turned up feeling a bit nervous about a) getting glue in my eyes and b) having to lie still for two hours, but there was nothing to worry about. Debbie’s hand is as steady as a sharpshooter’s and I could hardly feel what she was doing. In fact, about halfway through, I fell asleep and when I woke up, my eyes, far from being stuck together with adhesive, looked as doey and bright-eyed as Bambi’s thanks to a) my new lashes and b) the restorative snooze.

Before I nodded off, Debbie initiated me in the art of eyelash extensions, which is all about length and width (aren’t a lot of things?). I decided to go for a fairly thick width, basically lashes that look like they’ve been pre-loaded with mascara, and I pretty much left the length to Debbie’s expert judgement. She specialises in natural-looking lashes, so not the pumped-up, full-volume, Russian-style ones that would be great for a 1960s fancy dress party, but might look a bit over the top for a trip to the supermarket. As my lashes were fairly long (small moment of pride) and I wanted to go bold, she opted for 8/9 on the inside, fanning out to 12/13 on the outer edges.


Beauty experts always talk about how getting your eyebrows done is the next best thing to a facelift, but I reckon lashes are your ultimate youth-boosters. They really open up your face (hiding, in my case, droopy eyelids) and give you a fresh, wide-eyed look. I’ve had so many compliments (the beauty director of a top glossy magazine told me they looked ‘amazing’) and not everyone realises they’re falsies, they just think I’ve done an awesome job applying my mascara. And that’s another thing – there’s no need to bother with mascara or even any eye makeup at all. You just wake up and you’re good to go. And now, I’m off to book that Valentine’s date. (Click here for the Muddy Guide if you’re struggling for ideas.)

Full set: £55; top-ups (every 3-4 weeks): £30 (takes 45 minutes). Lash Junkie, 77 St Pauls Road, Cheltenham GL50 4HZ. Tel: 07971 408815.

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