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Claire Beeley Yoga

Muddy says: Looking for a deep yoga practice that will feed your mind, body and soul? Claire Beeley is a teacher with a difference.

Yoga and meditation cultivate awareness – through practice, knowledge and contemplation, the uplifting practices Claire Beeley teaches create and maintain physical, mental and emotional balance, providing a better quality of life within and without. Claire specialises in restorative yoga which builds the foundation for a calm and focused mind, a loving heart and a strong spirit, which will make you better able to handle what life throws at you.

Claire’s approach to yoga also takes a broader outlook by teaching and encouraging a simple lifestyle. Work is balanced with rest, social time, awareness practices, healthy eating, exercise, and the natural rhythms and cycles. 

Claire teaches group classes, workplace yoga, private yoga and meditation, personal yoga, parent and child yoga, teenager yoga and personal coaching.


“I practiced yoga in Claire’s classes for a long time. Having moved, it has been in the search for a replacement that I have seen how much care was taken of me as a student. I have not found a teacher to match her wisdom, compassion and spirit – Claire is uniquely talented.”

“I came across Claire’s teaching by accident – and it has been one of the best mistakes I ever made. Having done a lot of both intensive yoga and meditation practice focused on strength and challenging the body and mind, I knew I was craving something else but couldn’t quite articulate it. Claire’s teaching has been transformative, helping me discover a space and a path to go deeper within, and finding a profound sense of stillness and relaxation that has been invaluable.
It has been the perfect counterbalance and compliment to my other practices. Claire’s teaching style conveys both wisdom and kindness, and as a new yoga teacher myself I am enormously grateful to have been able to learn from her.”

“I started yoga in Feb 2013 to help manage a painful upper back and neck problem, and I started working with Claire in Oct 2014. My first teacher proved helpful to me and I felt real improvements to my back problem.  Working with Claire has been a revelation. The focus on my breathing and the slow, gentle pace of the classes has continued to help improve my back problem. However, the real revelation is how Claire’s teaching has introduced me to a contemplative element that has given me much greater insight into how my mind and body are truly connected, how I am affected by external influences, and how I can use yoga to improve my sense of well-being.  I have been truly surprised by the positive impact of the slow, gentle style of yoga and how by the end of each class I feel improvement has come from within.” 

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