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Ready for autumn? Check out these ideas on how to turn your home into the cosiest of snugs.

Bye, bye summer, you were great (er, mostly) while you lasted. But now it’s time to think about getting cosy and what better way than to create an autumnal home snug. Joanna from Muddy Wilts has hooked up with local interiors designers and all-round, in-the-know experts Snug Home Design to get you inspired. It’ll make you feel excited about the new season, promise.

We normally begin to feel the onset of autumn around mid-late September, says owner and interiors magician Stephanie Morris. Colder evenings start creeping in and the lustrous green of the tree leaves and hedgerows start to fade to brown.

This is the time we tend to resign ourselves to packing away the sandals, sarongs and summer linens and begin to think of extracting our winter jackets. The same can be said for the ambience we want to alter in our homes. From fresh, light and bright, where our focus has been very much on merging indoor and outdoor living, throwing open windows and adorning our homes with well placed houseplants, to hunkering down and burning those logs.

So with the onset of autumn and the desire to feel snug and warm, we’ve handpicked the top ten ways you can create a cosy, stylish snug in your home, setting the right tone and ambience for autumn.


Blend natural, earthy colours with a few select pops of colour. Check out these scatter cushions  – their unique designs, sizes, colours and textures add depth. Don’t be afraid of patterns (where have I heard that before?)  – even tartan and tweed are great against plainer backgrounds.


Calm down you lot at the back, I’m talking lighting. Floor lights, side lights, mood lights…why not go the whole hog and install dimmers so every room can enjoy mood lighting. It can make a huge difference.


Add well placed candles for cosy nights in. We love the bright, fresh fragrances from Limelight Bath.


Create warmth and texture with a chunky knit throw, especially over an old vintage chair – a leather wingback is ideal (haven’t got one of those. Never mind, moving on) – the character and timeless style will add warmth and depth to your space. Bring unity to the room with a rug – great if you have a hard floor. Now, this is a good tip: rugs are great for changing your room based on the season. One in, one out, and hey presto your room is completely different. Deep sheepskin rugs are great for winter – how about this one from Alice Wood Design?


Ensure there is somewhere to rest your feet and invest in a footstool. Having friends over? Scatter some floor cushions for cosy comfort and you can lie prostrate while you neck that gin. Floor cushions are coming soon to Snug Home Design – pre-order one or enquire via [email protected].

Ready for autumn now, you lovely Muddy lot? You betcha!

Snug Home Design, 2 Roebuck Yard, Sixpenny Handley, Salisbury SP5 5NA, Tel: 07549 287 888;


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