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Let there be light! British Summer Time here we come!

22 Mar 2017

The clocks go forward on Sunday which means we’re finally coming out of the dark months and embracing the light. Hurrah! And while it might feel a bit harsh for a few days to have the alarm effectively going off an hour earlier, the extra hours of daylight more than make up for it. In fact, at this time of year you want to get up because the birds are singing, the sun is out (hopefully – please weather be kind this year) and you feel like you’ve got more juice in the tank. So how to make the most of the longer days? Read on, I’ve got a few ideas.

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How to wake up to spring

18 Mar 2017

Despite the odd biting wind (why am I always on a touchline when this happens?), it feels like we can pretty confidently say spring has now well and truly arrived. Transition dressing has become a thing – coat or no coat, tights or bare legs, boots or trainers – getting up in the morning is feeling slightly less tortuous (which is a good thing because it’s taking sooo long to decide what to wear) and sticky toffee pudding doesn’t feel like a daily need anymore. In fact, you might even be contemplating pulling on some Lycra. For, in seasonal terms, now is the new year. “Spring is the perfect time for new year’s resolutions,” says Chalford-based yoga teacher and life coach Claire Beeley (who in January provided pearls of wisdom about how to survive winter). “In many Eastern calendars this is the new year, not January.” So, what’s the best way to seize this moment and wring out what we can from the season? Over to you Claire.

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How to keep your mojo in winter

30 Jan 2017

How have the New Year’s resolutions been going? The thrice-weekly runs, salad lunches and interminable juicing? Not so great? Well, it turns out that winter is completely the wrong time of year to be pulling on that scratchy hair shirt. In fact, according to Chalford-based yoga teacher and life coach Claire Beeley, winter should be devoted to restoring and recharging. Hibernating really. Like a bear. But how can we do this when we feel so much ‘New Year, new you’ pressure bombarding us everywhere we look?

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