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New series: Muddy’s speedy suppers for frazzled cooks

23 Mar 2017

Having one of those days when ‘make dinner’ is just one of 8 million things on your to-do list? Totally run out of ideas? Yup, us too. So with frazzled, time-poor cooks in mind, here’s the first recipe in our new series of speedy weekday suppers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking our favourite cooks to inspire us with a nifty new dish. Because there’s only so much pasta and pesto a girl can eat.

First up wearing the Muddy (not literally, don’t worry) apron, Emma Collen from the brilliant The Jericho Kitchen Cookery School in Oxford. Over to you, Emma.

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How to nail Shrove Tuesday

26 Feb 2017

I usually feel a bit unprepared for Shrove Tuesday, it’s not a day of the week when I feel switched on to culinary creations, but this year I’m going to wow the mudlets with something really special (which after last year’s tortilla wraps shouldn’t be hard). I recently had a drool at the menu at The Malthouse Bar & Kitchen in Stroud after visiting the antiques emporium next door (review to follow) and was loving the sound of buttermilk pancakes with smoky bacon and maple syrup, so I got in touch with head chef Ryan King, who kindly agreed to share this very scrumptious sounding recipe for red velvet (I know! I love the cake too!) pancakes.

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A veggie recipe kids will love

13 Feb 2017

Dave Fung of Bristol-based catering company Little Wild Catering is on something of a mission. Formerly an employee at The Soil Association and a chef at The Potted Pig in Cardiff, Fung’s passion is creating healthy, ethical and delicious food using responsibly sourced ingredients. He launched Little Wild Catering at the end of last year after spending seven months in Kenya running a sourdough bakery whose profits went to fund local access to eye care. His jerk tofu and salt beef sandwiches at Bristol’s pop-up market BS5 in December were a sell-out hit and now, as well as setting up stall at farmers’ markets, he delivers superior lunches – his signature sandwiches, as well as a seasonally changing menu of vegan and meaty dishes – to office workers by bike. And you’d be hard-pressed to leave Pret A Manger spending less. He also does special events and corporate dos and here, he’s very kindly donated a recipe in aid of the ‘how can I get some veg down my kids’ necks’ cause.

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Guilt-free treats

30 Jan 2017

I know we’re all still on a New Year’s self-flagellation programme of extreme diet and exercise (no? me neither, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and, hey, the old grey matter uses up loads of calories, doesn’t it?). But meh, who cares, may I tempt you with some almond truffles courtesy of Gloucester’s hip and healthy Guru Coffee House? Not as dangerous as they seem. In fact, they’re very of the whip-your-body-into-shape moment – as you’ll see from the ingredients, there’s no sugar people, and no dairy, and no gluten – so I say, woohoo!

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