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Wouldn’t you though?

8 Mar 2017

This pretty patterned blue cardigan, with mother of pearl buttons, has one helluva back story – like every piece from children’s knitwear line Alpaca Pie, it’s hand-produced by Peruvian alpaca knitters. Accordingly, it doesn’t come cheap – this cardi costs from £56  – but it does mean you get a unique, ethically sourced woolly for your little person.

So what’s the deal with alpaca wool? Worn by native Andean Indians all year round, it’s water-wicking properties mean it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We’re a sucker for stripes, so we’re also bookmarking this adorable tank top and chunky Breton striped jumper.


Wishing that these designs came in grown-up sizes? Ta-daaaaa! Though the brand started out catering to 0-8 year olds, it has now extended its range to through to bigger kids, teens and even adults – just email, and the alpaca elves will create one for you.

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