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Wouldn’t you though?

9 Feb 2017


If all this dismal weather is making you feel like hunkering down, I’ve got just the thing. May I introduce you to the Gloucestershire Check Lambswool Merino Throw?

Made by Cotswold Woollen Weavers, which has been spinning them – and other equally delectable designs (there’s an Oxfordshire Check for our friends over the border) – for over 30 years, this particular design is relatively new and hasn’t just been thrown together. No, it is a veritable ode to our county: the fresh green symbolising the open hills; the red the centuries of royal connections; the blue the rivers; the dark green the ancient forest; the gold the honey-coloured stone; and the ochre the Cotswold sheep (known, apparently, as the ‘Cotswold Lion’, didn’t know that), which are to be thanked for the super soft blankets in the first place.

I’m thinking it would be perfect draped over a sofa – easy to hand for these chilly nights – and would also do a great job of covering up rips, wine stains and the way-past-its-prime upholstery of the muddy three-piece suite.


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