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Gorgeous Hair salon in Cheltenham

9 Feb 2017

This salon, which opened six years ago in Cheltenham’s Suffolks (jam full of great antique shops, boutiques, cafés, bars, restaurants and a cute independent bookshop), does what it says on the tin. I went in with a barnet that was, if I’m honest, Wurzel Gummidge on a bad day (well, any day), with a grey root stripe across the top of my head that no amount of ColorWow Root Cover Up (a lifesaver in normal circumstances and Gorgeous Hair sells it, yippee!) could disguise. How long was it since my last cut?! But when I left… well, I was the lady from the L’Oréal ad, swinging my shiny, bouncy new do around as I sashayed down the street luxuriating in the confidence-boosting power of my now Gorgeous Hair.

When I first sat down though, I did feel shame, but no askance looks here, just a ‘let’s sort this out’ attitude. Soon my roots were being painted yellow with a tailor-mixed dye by Framesi, an Italian company Gorgeous owner Gary Bullock told me he’d switched to fairly recently because the colours are much subtler and the dye much more pumped with pigment than some of the bigger, better known brands. And, I have to say, when it was washed out it did look good – even wet the colour was glistening.

And so to the cut. I showed Gary an ‘I wish’ picture of the singer Florrie that I’d found for ‘reference’ and he was straight away, yes, we can do that, it’ll really suit you. And so, after a bit of snipping here, shaping there, blow drying all over, ta da! I had swingy hair like the lady in the L’Oréal ad. What a relief!

And, a couple of washes in having been subjected to my own amateurish blow-drying skills, it’s still looking good. Not quite turning heads in the street (getting a bit long in the tooth for that *choke*), but I have had lots of compliments.

The salon has a really friendly atmosphere, so much so that I would have been happy to stay a bit longer. Not always the case – I approach a trip to the hairdressers with as much trepidation as some do the dentist. The stylists chatted easily to clients and each other and there seemed to be a lot of sharing of knowledge going on between them, which makes me think you’d be in safe hands with any of them. But even with Gary, the creative director, a cut and finish came in at a reasonable £45 and roots £47.

Also on the menu are balayages, keratin tamers (might be just what my frizzy-inclined locks need) and an Oplaplex Super Service, which is kind of like an intensive spa treatment for your hair. And the salon also has a great drinks menu! There’s a fancy coffee maker out back, so you can sip on a proper espresso, caffé latte, cappuccino, caffé macchiato, as well as hot chocolate (with or without marshmallows) or even a glass of wine or a beer while your hair gets pampered to perfection. I’ll book that appointment later in the day next time – 12pm felt a bit early… though, thinking about it again, maybe I missed a trick there.

Gorgeous Hair, 9 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham GL50 2AB. Tel: 01242 250303.

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